About Us

Capriccio Baroque Presents the Harpsichord – Solo & with Baroque Performing Arts

Capriccio’s Mission is to increase knowledge of, and appreciation for, the Harpsichord and the Baroque performing arts associated with it.

Capriccio’s Concerts
Capriccio presents North American and European Early Music artists who have performed in some of the world’s most prestigious venues.  Capriccio’s guests, however, experience these artists' performances in a profoundly different context. Rather than the passive and impersonal experience common to large concert halls, Capriccio offers very small, convivial music 'gatherings' where artists and guests interact; where the artistic experience is deeply personal, and where all five senses are touched. Every event aims to give guests new insights, not only into the interpretations of brilliant artists, but also into the historical and social contexts in which the Harpsichord and the associated glorious Baroque arts flourished.

Capriccio’s Organizational Status

  • Capriccio Baroque is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation; donations are tax-deductable to the full extent allowed by law.
  • Contributions to Capriccio are most gratefully received and are used only to directly advance Capriccio’s core mission. 
  • Capriccio’s ticket and master class revenues do not cover the full costs of its operation.  The corporation’s revenues are used to cover artists’ fees and travel costs, venue rentals, and printing. 
  • A Board of Directors guides and oversees Capriccio Baroque’s operation and two Associate Directors assist with performance programming.  All Directors' involvement is on a voluntary, non-remunerative basis.  
    - Carolyn Winter, Executive Director, Management & Finances
    - Luis Jose Mejia, Director, Outreach Maryland
    - Don Winkler, Director, Public Relations & Outreach Virginia
    - Cathy Newman, Director, Communications
    - Leon Schelhase, Assoc. Director, Artistic Programming North America
    - Alberto Busettini, Assoc. Director, Artistic Programming Europe