Capriccio Launches its 2018-2019 Season!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - 10:30am

The Baroque is generally considered to have run from ~1600 to ~1750, a period of 150 years.  This is  long time!  Of course, keyboard music evolved and changed a great deal during these years; Styles & forms changed within countries & were also influenced by developments elsewhere.  While the appellation "Baroque" is useful, it tends to make one forget just how much musical diversity there is within this period.   

Capriccio's exciting Season showcases changing musical styles & forms from the Baroque's earliest through waning years.  There are Programs of music from the Baroque's earliest years when late-Renaissance influences remained strong; from the mid- to late-Baroque when the form became increasingly textured, sumptuous, & formal; & from the Baroque's waning years when tastes shifted to the more accessible, clearer melodies of the Rococo & Classical periods. 

Join Capriccio & delight in the great musical diversity of the Baroque.  Hear glorious keyboard works by Late Baroque "Greats" Johann Sebastian Bach & François Couperin, & also by lesser-heard, yet brilliant, composers such as Peter Philips, William Croft, William Byrd, Johann Krebs, Antonio Soler, & more.   Of course, all are performed by the most accomplished artists, masters of the genre!

Join us!

Videos Colin Booth, My Lady Carey's Dompe