Master Class for Amateur Harpsichordists - Performer slots full. Space for auditing available.

Painting by Jan Steen

Alberto Busettini



Sunday, November 4, 2018 - 9:30am
Program Details: 

Alberto Busettini has taught harpsichordists of all abilities and ages - young children, adult beginners, & finalists at the International Harpsichord Competition, Bruges.  Amateur harpsichordists of all abilities are welcome at Capriccio's Master Class  which will focus on "Refining the Harpsichord Touch".  Participants may attend either as a performer or auditor.  The Class can accommodate a maximum of 5 Performers.   Performers will each be allocated 25 minutes in which to perform their piece and receive input from Alberto.  The instrument will be a  double-manual William Dowd, 1972. 
Morning tea/coffee and cream scones will be provided during the mid-morning intermission.

Master Class Instructor
Alberto Busettini

3137 Aberfoyle Place NW, Washington DC 20015

9:30am     Class begins - Welcome
9:45am     Performer 1
10:10am   Performer 2
10:35am   Tea/Coffee Break
10:50am   Performer 3
11:15am   Performer 4
11:40am   Performer 5
11:45am   Concluding Comments from Instructor