Calling All Amateur Harpsichordists!

Capriccio is delighted to launch its Harpsichord Musicale afternoons.  Amateur harpsichordists of all levels are encouraged to play for others in these low-stress, collegial settings. Audiences are limited to those playing.  Sharpen up your pieces for Capriccio's Sat., April 13, 2019, 3:00pm-5:00pm Musicale in Washington DC.  For more info and to register send an email to

Sweet Wines for Suite Music - Sept. 15 at Capriccio Baroque

At one time, sweet wines like Hungary’s Tokaj, Spain’s Sherry, France’s Sauternes, Austria’s Ruster Ausbruch, and Germany’s Trockenbeerenauslese were the most sought after wines in the world.  Vintners rarely profit from making these wines, and they’re becoming increasingly difficult to find. Sweet wines are a bit like harpsichord music, a once highly popular item that today is appreciated only by the select, refined few!  Enjoy both at Capriccio's Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018 concert - with a concert ticket comes complimentary wine tastings & a glass of bubbly.

OenoNote - Some Impressive Italian Varietals

I'm delighted to be contributing to Capriccio's OenoNote Blog  and meld the sumptuous pleasures of excellent wines with the rich, glorious music of the Baroque.  I hope my OenoNotes will help readers explore and enjoy fine wines from around the world with friends and with the music of their favorite Baroque composers.

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