May 19, 2018



THIS CONCERT WAS ON MAY 19 2018 Janine Johnson, harpsichord decorator and artist, harpsichordist, pianist, and composer performs works by J.S. Bach & those who taught, influenced or learned from him.

Janine Johnson, harpsichord decorator and artist, harpsichordist, pianist & composer performs works by J.S. Bach & those who taught, influenced or learned from him – Buxtehude, Reincken, Fischer, Krebs, Pachelbel and Bohm. The artist supplements this beautiful program with fascinating informational snippets about the relationship, both personal and professional, between Bach and these composers.

American harpsichordist Janine Johnson began her musical studies on the modern piano and started playing the harpsichord as a teenager.  Janine majored in piano performance and two dimensional art at California State University, Northridge and began building and decorating harpsichords in earnest at this time. She has worked as an instrument maker and instrument decorator with renowned harpsichord builder John Phillips in Berkeley, California, for the past 26 years.

Known for the intricate artwork with which she adorns world-class harpsichords, the multi-talented Janine Johnson is also a gifted harpsichordist, pianist and composer in her own right. Her playing style is remarkable for for its elegance and exceptional agility.  Janine’s performing career is primarily based in the San Francisco Bay Area where she gives numerous solo and chamber music recitals, often including original works.  She is also a regular performer at the prestigious annual Brandywine Baroque Harpsichord Heaven weekend.  Janine composes solo and chamber music for the fortepiano and harpsichord and was second place winner this year in the International Alienor Competition for harpsichord composition.

Janine’s extensive harpsichord discography includes:
* J.S. Bach – Works for Harpsichord
* Dietrich Buxtehude & Johann Pachelbel: German Keyboard Masters
* Selections from J.S. Bach: Clavier Übung III
* J.S. Bach: Goldberg Variations
* J.S. Bach: Inventions & Sinfonias (including ornamental versions)
* Janine Johnson: Suites Op. 22,29 & 24 (Original compositions by Janine Johnson)


Dietrich Buxtehude (1637-1707)
     Praeludium in a minor Bux WV 153

Johann Pachelbel  (1653-1706)
     Toccata in d minor
     Fugue in d minor

Georg Böhm (1661-1733)
     Suite in F major

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
     Little Prelude in C major BWV 933                                              
     Fugue in C major BWV 952

J.C.F. Fischer (1656-1746)
     Prelude and Fugue in E major from Ariadne Music                                     

Johann Sebastian Bach
     Prelude and Fugue in E major from das Wohltemperierte Klavier II          

Dietrich Buxtehude
     Canzona in e minor Bux WV 153                                

Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer (1656-1746)
     PraeludiumVIII and Chaconne

Johann Adam Reincken (1623-1722)
     Fuga in g minor                                                   


Johann Ludwig Krebs (1713-1780)
     Suite No. 3 in g minor from Vier Piecen                                                                  
     Menuett 1 & 2
     Air avec Doubles
     Passepied 1 & 2