Jupiter - A Portrayal on Harpsichord

Anna Kiskachi, Patrick Kilbride

Anna Kiskachi (Solo Harpsichord) with Patrick Kilbride (Tenor)

Saturday, November 16, 2019 - 7:30pm
Program Details: 

J U P I T E R  
A Portrayal on Harpsichord

Jupiter, mythological Roman god of the sky & thunder, was also king of all gods. Jupiter’s destiny was to release his older siblings from captivity by their father, Saturn, & then overthrow Saturn & his Titan forces to assume his position as supreme god.  Jupiter prevailed with the help of the Cyclopses & took the lightning bolt, eagle & oak as his symbols of power.  Gods & humans alike were simultaneously terrified & enthralled by Jupiter.  A font of authority, wisdom, prudence, & bravery, he was also highly unpredictable & given to uncontrolled bursts of fury & lasciviousness.  Humans, at the mercy of his power & capriciousness, tried to allay his furies with blood sacrifices.

Classical mythology enjoyed a revival during the Baroque and is woven into its literature, art & music.  Tonight’s program is structured around Baroque composer Jean-Baptiste Forqueray’s commanding, powerful, & dark transcription of ‘Jupiter’ for harpsichord. The other works on the program portray Jupiter’s mystery, omnipotence, power, & unpredictability. 


~ Celestial Might ~

G. F. Handel (1685 - 1759)
Jupiter's Aria: "Ah, take heed what you press"

N - P. Royer (1705 – 1755)
Vertigo, g-moll

F. M. Lopez (1742 – 1821)
Fandango d-moll

~ Magnificence ~

J. S. Bach (1685 – 1750)
Prelude from Cello Suite Nr. 2, d-moll               [Transcription for harpsichord by A. Kiskachi]
Chromatic Fantasia and fugue, d-moll

~ Ghastly Fearfulness ~

G. Ligeti (1923 – 2006)
Passacaglia Ungherese

J - B. Forqueray (1672 – 1745)
Jupiter                                                                [Transcription for harpsichord by J-B. Forqueray]



~ Spiritual Enchantment ~

A. Scarlatti (1660 - 1725)
Aria "Agitata da fiera procella" from 'Griselda'

D. Scarlatti (1685 – 1757)
Sonata A-dur, K.208

F. Couperin (1668 – 1733)
Les Fastes de la grande et ancienne Mxnxstrxndxsx /“The Annals of the Great & Venerable Guild of ‘Minstrelsy” 

First Act: The notables and the Minstrel jury

Second Act: The hurdy-gurdy players and the beggars

Third Act: Jugglers, tumblers, and tight-rope dancers, with bears & monkeys

Fourth Act: Invalids, or those crippled in the service of the Great Minstrelsy

 Fifth Act: Confusion and rout of the whole troupe caused by the drunkards, the monkeys & the bears

~ Transcendence ~

J.S. Bach (1685 - 1750)
Prelude from Lute Suite c-moll

P. Wajsar (1978 -)


Anna Kiskachi performs A. Forqueray's "La Boisson"

A. Forqueray "La Boisson". Anna Kiskachi (harpsichord)