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Colin Booth’s performance garners another good review for Capriccio’s harpsichord concert series

Colin Booth performed a program of works by J.S. Bach’s mentors, friends and influencers at Capriccio’s July 13, 2023, concert played on an after-Fleischer instrument which he built in 2011. The venue was Live! at 10th and G Streets. Reviewer Andrew Lindemann Malone of the Washington Classical Review described the instrument as a “…feast for the eyes” which “…sounded as good as it looks”. Malone praised Booth’s performance, noting that “Under Booth’s fingers, the high notes sparkled…the bass had generous richness, with just a touch of plangent edge…” Malone also noted that Booth “…created a myriad of colors, and smoothly articulated even the most daunting pileups of trills and runs.” Booth “…brought out the rhythmic vitality and wit of a charming suite in F minor by Georg Böhm” while “…Telemann’s Fantasia No. 11 flashed with vigorous rhythms and stylish figures, and Booth relished the opportunity to roll up and down the keyboard and pile up the virtuosity in Georg Muffat’s Passacaglia in G minor (Apparatus Musica-organisticus). Read the full review at