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Capriccio’s concert featuring Jean Rondeau rated a 2022 Top Ten Performance

Jean Rondeau’s October 26, 2022, performance of J.S. Bach’s ‘Goldberg Variations’ at Capriccio Baroque is rated a 2022 Top Ten Performance by the Washington Classical Review. Given this young French harpsichordist’s mastery this comes as no surprise. Here’s what the Washington Classical Review has to say about this performance: ‘The best thing about a performance […]

Colin Booth’s latest release – Fischer: Eight suites of 1698

Colin Booth, renowned English harpsichordist and early keyboard builder, issues another stellar album, this time of J.C.F. Fischer’s Eight Suites in the ‘Little Book of Flowers’ (‘Blumen-büchlein’). Colin’s almost unmatched ability to infuse dance music with an irresistible sense of lift and movement makes this recording a delight. Fischer’s beautiful Suites bloom – the music […]

Yoann Moulin’s ‘Stylus Luxurians’ – compulsive listening!

Yoann Moulin’s spectacular recording ‘Stylus Luxurians’ focuses on 17th century German harpsichord music by Weckmann, Froberger Ritter, Tunder, and Scheidemann. This was the period in which German music began to reflect elements of the French style after earlier adoption of elements of the Italian style. The result: simply gorgeous, luxurious music. This exquisite, crystal-clear recording […]

“Definitely worth a listen!” – Lillian Gordis’ new ‘Bach’ album

Lillian Gordis’ latest double-disk album ‘Bach’, released under the Paraty label, is a feast for the senses. Comprising her personal selection of Partitas, English Suites and Preludes and Fugues from the Well Tempered Clavier, this is a technical tour de force with the most compelling interpretations. Qobuz and Pierre-Yves Lascar: “Without doubt, this is well […]

An Exceptional Album from Federica Bianchi

This is a truly exceptional album – the music is glorious, the performance riveting, and the sound quality superb! Federica Bianchi performs music written for keyboards from the early 15th century to the early years of the Baroque on three instruments built after historical models – a clavicymbalum after an early 15th century instrument and […]

Delights from the Cape Town Baroque Orchestra, South Africa

At the tip of Africa the Cape Town Baroque Orchestra drives a newly flourishing Early Music Scene under Artistic Director Erik Dippenaar. The Orchestra includes some of South Africa’s finest musicians and vocalists who mainly perform music of the 18th century. Here are two recent recordings by the Orchestra. In the first, the Orchestra plays […]


Jory Vinikour garners further acclaim from reviewers for his exceptional, virtuosic performance – ‘La joie de vivre!’ – at Capriccio Baroque on Saturday, September 18, 2021. Read Voix des Arts’ glowing review here:

Rave Review for Jory Vinikour’s Capriccio Concert

Capriccio’s Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021, concert ‘La joie de vivre’ featuring Jory Vinikour aimed to lift the audiences’ spirits after a prolonged and bleak period when concert halls have been shuttered. Jory more than delivered! The Washington Classical Review’s Charles Downey showered the performance with praise, describing it as “…a sensational evening”. Jory Vinikour’s exceptional […]